Foster, Melinda

Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Melinda Foster

Welcome to my page. I'm still teaching at Hardin County where I not only graduated from, but began my teaching career in 1993. A few of my past teachers, both here at Hardin County and at the old Cave High School, are the ones who inspired me to become a teacher. 

After graduating high school I attended one year at SIC to finish my general studies that I started in high school. After SIC I attended Murray State University where I received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education. 

I returned to Hardin County and worked as a classroom aide in 1st grade and kindergarten where I think I learned as much from them as they learned from me. After 3 years I was hired to teach 5th grade, which I did for 5 years until I was RIFd due to economic reasons. After spending one year substituting at the school I was rehired to teach 6th grade and the next year I was moved to 7th grade with my 6th grade class due to restructuring in the jr. high program. 

I knew I had found where I wanted to be when I reached jr. high. With only one more move back to 5th grade to fill in a year when they needed someone and then my move back to jr. high, I had finally settled in to where I felt I belonged. 

I have been teaching in the Hardin County Jr. High School for 20 years and I plan to remain here until I retire if everything works out.